Through their awarding winning, hands-on, online science labs, Smart Science® stresses inquiry and discovery style learning, letting students design their own solution to problems that revolve around each NGSS content standard. EdTech Digest calls it the “most powerful science learning solution” and reports it “Stimulates students to really get concepts essential to inquiry and discovery style science and to their own learning. Pedagogically sound, teachers love it.”

Breaking the Barrier is a global leader in print and digital language learning. Featuring instruction in Spanish, French and English, Breaking the Barrier provides students with a rock-solid understanding of language fundamentals as well as cultural insights from around the world. Breaking the Barrier blends the rigor of serious content with simplicity, clarity, and a student-friendly voice. The books engage students – both young and old – with updated topical content that’s culturally relevant and just plain fun.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® provides parents and educators easy access to high-quality, entertaining, and effective tools for foreign language learning. Through their video series, children learn through kids modeling Spanish in day-to-day life and a lively, humorous story line with a cast of colorful characters keeps children engaged. Recognized by experts, Foreign Language for Kids by Kids® won more than 15 top education awards in the company’s first two years for its Spanish videos and Spanish board game, including Game and Media of the Year Awards in consecutive years.

Education has been at the heart of KET’s mission since its inaugural broadcast nearly fifty years ago. KET provides an efficient and equitable way to help overcome geographic barriers and economic disparities, with high- quality resources, services and support across the educational spectrum. KET collaborates with education, community and government organizations to assess needs and develop solutions. As a leader in adult education programming and products, KET continues to offer innovative curriculum methods for high school equivalency, workplace education, lifeskills and English language learning.

benobe provides engaging career exploration applications for individuals of all ages and stages of their career, broadening and deepening career knowledge. benobe started after noticing how little individuals actually knew about career possibilities and how misinformed they were about the careers they were passionate about. Proudly partnering with companies, industry, and academia, they seek to expand each career story in a way that encourages engagement and local community awareness. benobe’s “secret sauce” is providing career information in an attractive format and stories from storytellers who are engaged in the career in today’s workplace.

The Family Learning Company,  an engaging suite of software products, leverages the natural connections between family members and groups of friends to engage learners in developing reading, writing, social and communications skills. With over 2,000 learning activities in each language in each product, the Family Learning Company supplies proven, research-based activities to develop core literacy skills – phonemic awareness, decoding, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing, all while allowing them to work together to master the activities, increase their engagement, accelerate their literacy growth and make learning to read more fun.

In as little as 15 minutes per day, BrightFish Reading helps students in grades 2-10 become independent readers using a mastery learning model. Their unique, structured process deconstructs grade-level text into smaller chunks that are meaningful and accessible. Students actively “construct” the text from the ground up, first by working on word recognition fluency in a structured sequence that builds up from the simplest words to the longest phrases in the passage. Students develop fluency, vocabulary and comprehension skills while reading a variety of high-interest fiction and non-fiction text aligned to Lexile® measures and grade-level standards.

NS4ed provides quality leadership, research, and guidance that promotes best practices leading to improvement in teaching and learning. They focus on action based research that leads to effective, proven practice and beneficial policymaking. By embedding local issues in the NS4ed theory of change, they ensure educators develop and sustain systemic change from within their local educational environment. From early childhood education to college & career readiness, quality instruction and improvement begins with strengths in teaching and learning. NS4ed takes the best of education research and the alignment of government policy to guide and inform priority initiatives and evaluate best practices across the country.

Pathway2Careers offers a critical bridge between education and industry that helps educators make sense of the realities of their local job market. It offers a flexible framework where educators explore labor market information and access innovative methods for preparing students for careers. Through the use of straightforward tools, such as the P2C labor market exploration tool, educators easily identify high-value career destinations for students. These destinations guide the selection of effective resources and materials, available within the P2C framework, that sustain progress on the path to career-readiness.


The founders of SkillBott Inc. believe that a huge void exists between what is taught using traditional curriculum and what employers are expecting and demanding from learners.

SkillBott’s use of multi-modality instruction offers employer identified 21st Century Skills that help to reduce or eliminate that void.

SkillBott’s assists students in becoming lifelong learners capable of obtaining and retaining employment and in living a satisfying and productive life.

We are passionate about people and education. By combining our deep understanding of the educational sales and technology industry and our vast network of professionals in the field, we connect strong candidates with hiring managers in the education sphere. Through our recruiting process, hiring managers will receive a list of our top, highly recommended candidates, that we believe will best align with their company’s mission and values.

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